The WiFiWave Internet Server transforms your business into a wireless network Hotspot location. Your business will then be able to provide wireless Internet access to your customers. This service helps you increase customer loyalty, expand your customer base and provides a steady stream of new revenue.


WiFiWave makes it easy to get your own Hot Spot running. With our Internet Server kit you receive everything that you need to turn your business into a high-speed wireless access area.

First you will need a high-speed Internet access such as DSL or cable modem. Simply plug-in our Internet Server and you are ready to offer Hot Spot services to your clients. The Internet Server comes complete with all that you need to get started including Hot Spot Access Cards, window stickers and other promotional and setup materials.


The WiFiWave Internet Server makes the wireless experience easy for your customers. When customers open their Internet browser on their laptop computer or PDA, they will be redirected to a login screen. Once they enter the access code that is printed on their Hot Spot Access Card, they will be allowed access to the Internet by the Internet Server. We can provide cards that allow 1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours or all-day access.


With WiFiWave Internet Hot Spot Services you get to decide how best to promote your own Hot Spot. You can choose to give away the cards, charge for them at the register or use them as an incentive for your customers.

Some of the ways that you could promote your Hot Spot include:

• Give away cards for a customer that spends a specified amount of money or purchases a certain number of items.

• Charge for cards during peak times but give away free cards during slow periods to increase customer volume during these times.

• Give away cards for the first month to encourage new customers to visit your establishment.


If you decide you may optionally, at an additional cost, have the login page customized for your business. We can build menu pages for cafes, coffee shops and restaurants. We can also make customized pages to present whatever product you would like to promote. All of these pages can be viewed without the user logging in. This allows you to promote your business regardless of whether the customers is using your Hot Spot for Internet access or not.


We provide everything you need to offer this important service to your customers:

• Easy to install, easy to maintain

• You set the price of access and keep the revenue

• Access cards of 1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours or all-day

• Compact size allows placement anywhere

• Equipment built with the highest quality components

• Customized web pages that promote your business

• Earn hundreds or even thousands of dollars extra per month

• Gives your business the added benefit of secure high-speed Internet Access

• Allows you to control who has access to your Internet connection


The WiFiWave Internet Server Kit includes the following items:

• WiFiWave Internet Server 500 MhZ Processor, 256 MB RAM, Dual LAN

• WiFiWave 802.11b wireless or Broadband Router

• 50 Hot spot Access Cards

• Setup Guide

• Window decals

• Marketing Materials

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